Workshops and Webinars

Our highly interactive and engaging sessions are delivered either in-person or virtually, lasting between one and two hours. We welcome the chance to collaborate with clients on content and design to create something bespoke to your organisation, and alternatively we have examples of two of our most regularly requested “off the shelf” sessions below.


Perfectionism is the belief that if you do everything and say everything perfectly, you can avoid the painful feelings of judgement, shame and blame. It stifles creativity and innovation and is proven to drive poor mental and physical health including depression, anxiety and eating disorders to name a few. In this session, you will:

  • Understand the difference between Perfectionism vs Healthy Striving
  • Learn about Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome and how to let go of what others might think
  • Gain greater self-confidence, courage and tenacity
  • Understand which opinions count and how to let go of the ones that don’t
  • Learn how to show up authentically without compromising standards

Difficult Conversations

Out on the street, first responders are exceptional communicators. But this does not always translate when it comes to how they are with each other away from the front line. Particularly for first line managers, promoted from their peers who suddenly become direct reports. How do you equip them with the skills to hold others accountable, ask for what they need and set healthy boundaries in a way that strengthens rather than erodes relationships? In this session you will:

  • ┬áLearn a simple structure to have powerful, objective and meaningful conversations
  • Gain the confidence to ask for what you need and lose the fear of hearing “no”
  • Understand and move past the fears and concerns that hold you back from these conversations