The range of our programmes reflects our desire to achieve true cultural change and deliver long-term, meaningful development. We have programmes to support emergency personnel from the moment they join, through to retirement and our three key points of delivery are detailed below.

New Recruit

If you do not know who you are when you join the job, it will show it to you very quickly. We provide emotional development as part of the initial training process. Recruits will get clear on their personal values and learn skills and tools to enable their emotional intelligence and resilience to grow in line with their careers.

Front Line Manager

The first promotion is the hardest and across the services, the average length of service in these positions is becoming less and less. Front line managers must deal with expectation from all sides, and we support them to let go of the fear of what others might think, to have necessary but often difficult and uncomfortable conversations and to hold others accountable in a way that strengthens rather than erodes relationships.

Senior Leadership

We develop braver, more courageous senior leaders. Our team have designed and delivered leadership programmes for some of the largest multi-national companies in the world including Microsoft and BP. We are certified in the ground-breaking research of Dr Brene Brown, author of Dare To Lead which was chosen by Apple as their Business Book of the Year and we bring all this to designing and delivering world-class development opportunities for senior leaders who are willing to choose courage over comfort.